Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Another good one from this guy I found through Mark.

Postmodern linguist theory makes it clear that we can only communicate in proximately. I can rarely (if ever) perfectly understand what you are trying to communicate. So basically all I can hope to communicate is a sense of my intended meaning.

In fact the receiver of my communication will hear and see many signs I never even intended. They read in from the vantage point of their uniqueness.

Each of our experiences of language, text, culture, relationships, etc shape our perceptions of language, text, culture, relationships, etc.

There are some great books on "post-Foundationalism" that can shed some light on some of the implications of pomo philosophy on our approach to Scripture. Grenz and Franke's book is a good one to start with.

So, is can the Bible still be authoritative in pomo world?

I'd say yes. But the "secret" to unraveling the mystery of the Word is not found in an historical-critical method of interpretation, it’s not found in arguing for an inerrant text, it isn't even found in trying to keep the context on any given sentence within special revelation, rather, the authority is a mystical authority. God Himself leading us to Truth; Truth being a person.

The fact is that God speaks in everything and every where. He is always at work. If God can speak through Babylon, Balaam’s ass, and a Roman cross, than surely he can, and is speaking through prairie style architecture, indie rock, sars, and ICP - whoever has ears to hear and eyes to see...

For protestants and especially for evangelicals the Bible has become something of a paper-Pope. The incarnational question is; can we trust God enough to lead us, (in-keeping with his Word), to live as Christ in our specific time and place? I’d say the jury is still out on our willingness to Trust God for the here and now beyond the written page.
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I agree. Very agree. (see Brian, we weren't the only ones thinking these heretical thoughts... but now they are even starting to write them down!!)

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