Saturday, October 25, 2003

I am currently reading a book called "Freedom from Violence", which is a history of various non-violent groups in Christian history, in tandem with some Christian Anarchy stuff that I haven't read in a some time. I have been jotting notes and thoughts down all over the place and while my very good intention is to do a blog post on all the stuff it is making me think, the expected length of the post keeps shutting me down. When did I get so lazy? I should be more open to just sitting down and writing out stream of consciousness type posts, but I often feel, when finished such posts, that I made little sense and probably said a bunch of stuff I am not really sure I even think. So the period of time with no post at all stretches out. Someday I will once again have heaps of time alone with a computer and an internet connection, and then I will start writing and thinking deeply once again. Until that time, it has to be Japanese lessons that get the majority of my effort.

Well, there is some stream of consciousness.

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