Wednesday, January 07, 2004

So the trip home is drawing to a close and this is only the second time I have gotten to a computer in the whole time I have been here. And maybe I am turning Japanese because there are a few things I am feeling contempt for at home. For instance:

1. The internet cafe at Starbucks costs 6 bucks an hour. Downtown in Nagoya I go for 2 bucks.

2. The cell phones with cameras in them cost a crapload of money.

3. A windchill of minus 48 degrees. Wow. Although, that stretch was so incredible it almost crosses over from being negative to being an amazing and rare thing that is kind of fun to experience... and then leave. I mean, we always tell friends in Japan, well, it sounds really cold, but it is not that bad. No. We are wrong. It is that cold. It is crazy cold. In fact, it makes me think that in the theology of Winnipeggers there should be a careful re-thinking of the doctrine of hell. In Winnipeg any notion of heat as punishment just packs no punch.

Don't get me wrong - I still love this place like crazy and am a loyal Winnipegger; it's just that I might come back in the summer next year. But there are some things that I have really loved about being home and so I should mention those as well.

1. The Keg Steakhouse. They need to expand to Japan.

2. The YMCA downtown. A non-member can drop in for ten bucks and use a facility that is three times the size and quality of our gym in Japan.

3. Friends. I sure do miss my friends. And now it is your turn to come to Japan. I came to your country, so it is only fair.

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