Sunday, November 21, 2004

Band names

We are thinking about making a new band, coming up with band names. Whaddya think:

The Pitied Cherries

The Bloody Do-Gooders

Sumi Masen (only people in Japan will get that one)

Any Others?

Update: Actually, that gives me an idea. How about:

The Others


jen lemen said...

sumimasen cracks me up and might cover any disappointment incurred from the not so stellar performance.

that one gets my vote, but what will the japanese think?

the others was a movie with nicole kidman. i'd skip that.
second choice, the bloody do-gooders, although it could be taken a little too goody-goody. but it could be worse, you could really up the ante with "the bloodIED do gooders"

but now i'm out of my mind.
back to bed.

jace said...

yeh "the others" is ok I'd go with a shortened version "Sumi mas" unless it has some explicid meaning