Thursday, November 06, 2003

Tired of that heavy guilty feeling associated with all those illegal mp3 downloads? Well, how about this:

I was asked where one could go to pick up the CD, Think Again, that I put out a couple years ago. The answer is, with me in Japan, basically nowhere, because all the CD's are sitting in my basement at home, along with all the other projects that went nowhere. So, if you are interested in some free music (though I warn you, it may be possible that this CD went nowhere for a reason) I will make it available for download here, thanks to the web space of the very talented (really, you should hire him) Chris at upsidedowndesign.

So here it is: Think Again. Oh, and a review of Think Again (see, he liked it)...

Throw It Away

That's What I Want

Take Me Away

Merciful God

Take My Heart

Not Good Enough

Love Like This

The Wall

Mary Jane

Need of a Saviour

The Greatest Thing

You Lead Me

Tell your friends... :-)

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