Sunday, November 30, 2003

There's this huge gap between what happened to the Iraqis and how it's perceived. When the American soldiers came in they'd tell you how grateful Iraqis were that they were being liberated. And the Iraqis that I talked to were a little ambivalent."

The Iraqis had very complex feeling about their 'liberators'. He spoke with a mother who was in the hospital with her 2 daughters and 3 sons who had all been wounded by shrapnel. She was holding a photograph of her 3 year old daughter who had already died, crying.

"I was there asking her questions and she looked at me and she said 'I know what you're doing, you want people where ever you come from to cry, but they don't care, they're not going to cry.' And I just looked at her and I thought you're right, they're not going to cry."

PATRICK GRAHAM, FREELANCE REPORTER from CBC'S Uncensored Stories of the War

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