Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Ooh, the danger of everyone walking around with a cell phone in this place!

Most of my friends know that I hate talking on the phone, and I regularly leave calls for the answering machine, or just send an email. Well, that gets all the more dangerous when you are walking around in public areas with a cell phone in your pocket.

A friend of mine told me a great story this week. He was sitting on a bench in downtown Nagoya when one of his co-worker friends went walking by. He thought it would be funny to give him a call and then walk up behind him as they are talking (yeah, can you see it coming...). So he makes the call and gets burned as his friend takes out his phone, looks at the call display, sighs deeply, and then puts the phone back in his pocket and walks on. My flabbergasted friend couldn't think of anything to do other than immediately send the guy a phone mail saying "I saw that". The next time he saw him, the guy apologized profusely, but jeez, damage done.

It made me nervous because I have done that same thing SO MANY TIMES!! But I will be checking over my shoulder the next time I do it in public...

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