Sunday, February 15, 2004

And another one:

Andrews recalls painful personal experiences of rejection by Christian organisations 'in the name of Christ', then he traces Christianity's sorry record in this area. He offers an alternative vision - a radical embracing of the way of compassion as revealed in the life of Jesus. It ought to be our orientation to this Christ-model which shapes our solidarities, not commitment to structures and power at all cost.

The declaration that 'Jesus is Lord' meant something political in the first century; it was a radical qualification of the so-called lordship of all earthly powers. Dave Andrews reminds us that the Church and the many Christian organisations around the world need to rediscover this lesson.

There is another way other than the way of self-righteous power, and that way is the way of other-directed compassion. Andrews tells stories about that way. Stories of ordinary people acting at some cost to themselves to help others. If there is power in the Christian life, it is the power of love and grace. And what has been freely given to us, is to be freely and respectfully shared with others.

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