Saturday, February 28, 2004

This week I attempted a re-entry into the world of blogging: checking out what people are saying, trying to get involved a little in the conversations, and trying to post more often than once a week on my own site. And you know what? These guys who blog a lot yet say that blogging doesn't take up a lot of their time are either wrong, or have some efficiency secret I know not of. This week I hardly did any Japanese study, and that just isn't going to do. I am constantly faced with the fact that the things I really want to do in Japan are going to require me to know the language, so I have to keep my priorities straight. Man, and wait till the music gets going again! I may be fast approaching the point of a "too-busy" life where something is going to have to go. Or at very least a few things are going to have to be reduced.

I am at that very awkward point of language learning where I can understand a lot, and basically communicate whatever I want to (basic subjects), but with brutally poor grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etc. I see why it is so easy and so common to start feeling hopeless, get sidetracked, and give up on study. I mean, I know I am doing better than I ever have, but all I can hear is how juvenile my communication sounds in comparison to all the experts around me. How many times to I get giggles at the "cute" way in which I just said something... I hate that!! And how many times did I do the same thing to learners of English (sorry Ionka)? Note to those of you back home who have English learners around you: don't do that. They hate that!!!

And I can't even read yet! Wow. Marathon pace... marathon pace... just keep saying that.

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