Monday, March 22, 2004

I like to read on the train, and recently I read mostly Japanese history. I know that reveals a bit of a nerdy tendency in me but hey, some people are fascinated by John Grisham, I am fascinated by history. So sue me.

Anyway, about two months ago, I had decided that all my train reading would be dedicated to studying Japanese. I am at stage of ability in Japanese that allows friendships to be built, but only in spite of embarrassingly poor Japanese. But it is a funny thing how a person can have so much motivation to read one thing that so many people find boring (history) while being unable to muster any focus for language learning. I read history because I just flat out like it; I can relax and enjoy it. Japanese I only learn because it is the path to communication with people I wish I knew better. If I could just download it into my brain and skip the learning process I very would.

So yesterday in Hiroshima I changed my mind. I quit with the only-Japanese-study-on-the-train bit, because I think the one helps the other along, makes it feel less like a chore.

So for those who care, you can likely expect a few history related posts...

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