Sunday, June 06, 2004

And I guess he is on a roll, because here is another good one:

I believe that we condemn ourselves not directly because of what we have done or failed to do in this life, but rather for what we have allowed ourselves to become. We can bathe in the waters of corruption for so long that when we finally do stand before glory we cannot endure it. What we do, or fail to do contributes to what we become, but it is not a surefire method of ascertaining to which of the two crucified thieves a person would be most analogous.

Hell, I have heard, (I believe from Fr. Hopko) is like a little boy who is told he can have no dessert before dinner and the little boy becomes very angry and upset. After dinner, dessert is placed before everyone and the little boy is encouraged to "dig in!" But he won't, so angry for not getting his way, he refuses to eat the dessert even though it sits before him readily available. That is hell.

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