Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I am having so much fun I had to share this. I am really mad at a teaching company I do ome part-time work for tonight, because of a bunch of extra meaningless work they are making me do. I have to do these really in-depth evaluations of students in a two-day course, because the company we did it for wants to see something. As teachers, we told our bosses that such detailed reports taken from a period of two days really have no meaning at all, but they adamant, suggesting that it really isn't about the English learning anyway, it is about the business.

Well, if it isn't about the English, then I have found a great way to entertain myself for the evening. For the comments section, I am working hard of thinking up things to say that have basically no meaning, but will make everybody happy because, well, obviously something has been done.

So here are a few:

I recommend buying some English learning software such as Rosetta Stone. It's a good one. And remember lucid imitation of recommended structures may seem constricting, but is always commendable.

Good work on the presentation. Very creative. Keep reading and watching English media that suit your interests. Immersion is relative even in its most ubiquitous contexts, but its outcomes infinitely reliable.

Very interesting presentation. And excellent work in the dialogues. Regard fluency as a guide road to lingual intra-applicability. Function and context always work together in coherent dialogue - with one another that is!

Send me a few more. I likely won't be finished tonight...

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