Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Temperature tops 30 C in Tokyo for annual record 68 days

I know at home they had one of the coldest summers on record, but after this many days of this kind of heat, a cold summer doesn't sound too bad to me. And it's still not over. Yesterday was still hot and humid. We will see what today brings.


Mix Blender said...

Funny how some of the wierdest weather has been occouring all over the planet

Im over here In Western Canada, and we have had Snow, Hail, and some serious rain in what is supposed to be some of the mildest weather time frames of the year

hey, at least someones getting some sun

Erich said...

Yeah, when I spent a summer in Greece and Cyprus, the Minnesota winter was a welcome relief. Apparently, this summer in MN has been extremely mild, but I don't really know cuz I was in Moscow. It was mild there too.