Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas song of the year

Evey year I seem to find a new Christmas song that really does it for me. Couple years ago it was Dave Matthews Christmas Song. Last year it was Sarah Maclaughlan (man, how do you spell that) with Song for a Winter's Night.

This year the winner is Fairy Tale of New York. Track it down, but get the version by The Pogues, not the one by Pilate, which does nothing for me at all.


+ simonas said...

man, that song is a long time favorite for me. i have their -essential- (1991), which has that one. a good album with just a few songs that don't do it for me. hey, i saw them live in tallin's, estonia "rock summer'94" i think :-)

JJ said...

I had only just heard of them previously, but I think I will be tracking down more of their stuff now. Are they Irish?