Monday, December 06, 2004

One more for the Christian Anarchy files...

Christ trumps all religious systems. Jesus Christ did not create a religion, he lived meta-religion; no religion could contain him. Though he was a Jewish Rabbi, he didn't teach the law, he fulfilled it. When Christ-followers brought Christ with them into the Greco-Roman world Christ transcended Hellenistic religious systems thus Christianity was deemed a threat. The life of Christ is a threat to any system. Just as God's Kingdom is too large for the church; Christ is too large for Christianity.

Christ refused to serve the religious structures of his culture instead chose to serve people, especially the people being marginalized by the religious structures. This is one of the reasons why Christ is killed by religious structures; because Christ demonstrations the failures of those systems. The way of Christ renders the "point" of religion obsolete; Christ makes all religions antichrist… including Christianity.

The "more excellent way" which the Apostle Paul describes to the church in Corinth is Christ's way; it is the way of love which trumps religion.

God has no interest in creating a religion; rather God has always yearned to do life with people who simply live their tacit knowing/experience of Divine love. God does not want Christians; God wants humans. Christ, who is fully God and fully human invites us to live his life. "His life" is life in the Spirit of God.

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Erich said...

In this scenario, I would say that this sort of internal Christian anarchism falls short. It is the unfortunate result of a Western Church that delved too much into the realm of power and was corrupted by it. Thus, its corruption quite rightly effected rebellion, but the rebellion itself was always corrupted by the corruption from which it came. Religion is not the enemy. Without it, how do you read a Bible? Do you just rely on the Holy Spirit to show you the way? Besides, there's no community where there is no religion, there is only the individual. In the words of our famous theologian Aleksei Khomiakov, "when any one of us falls he falls alone; but no one is saved alone."

JJ said...

Man, you should have been around for the raging debate on Orthodoxy versus not a couple years ago... we had a good go at these very issues very our different sides of the fence. And if you are I were only coffee shop's distance from one antoher, I'd be calling and saying let's get into once again. It is always an interesting conversation to me, but, on the internet, takes more committment than I am willing to give. Drop by my place some time, eh?

Erich said...

I'm sure I would. I'll keep it in mind next time I'm in Japan. But by then, maybe you'll be in Russia!

jen lemen said...

i really must be a christian anarchist after reading this.
this is so where i'm at and explains why i can't fit in the structures very well.
thanks for posting it.