Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The rough version of that song from before

Here is the rough version of the song that we sent to the producer friend of mine. Thanks for the comments and emails. They are helpful to me. I was actually kind of underwhelmed by that particular mix, because I didn't think it was very "us". Anyway, listen to the rough version and see if you agree.


Brian said...

Sorry, dude...I like the new and polished version better. Except for the energy you have in the ending of the rough mix, I like the overall feel of the new version. It's mostly there...for me, anyway.

Paul Fromont said...

Mate I like it...the graduation from quieter to more energy...is hope something quiet, something deep or something full of energy? I'm not sure. I loved the line "I'm lost [be]cause I can't hear your tune..." You have a beautiful voice and a distinctive JJ sound (not sure whether you'll think that's a good thing or not). Anyway. Thanks for sharing it. Peace and much hope be yours.

Vern Hyndman said...

JJ... since you allowed me to download your music, I have been playing the CD in my car... I think that besides the incredible content of the lyrics (Mary Jane!!! what a hoot. It's perfect.) I think what I like is a ragged realism... the edge to the music. The new version is more polished... which makes it less for me... think Bruce Springsteen and Dylan singing Beach Boys harmonies. That's just me though.