Thursday, February 17, 2005

Really?!? Green Tea Kit Kat?

Really?!? Green Tea Kit Kat?
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wesdoe... said...

listened to the song on the "lend me your ear" post. like it. thought you might want to see my stuff. it is different every week at

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ,

Just listened to the original track. Here's my opinion:
-I really like the lyrics
-The guy singing is so-so, and can't hit the low notes that the song needs (I magine Brad Roberts from Crash Test Dunmmies singing this)You should sing it...there's more honesty in yout tone.
-The BGV's are a bit cheesie, needs to be a female Alto
-Needs some nice broad chello strokes that will enhance the comtempletive mood

Cheers bro! Can't wait to hear more!
Jason P

Vern Hyndman said...

What a GREAT looking kid! I have not taken your CD out of my car since I got it a few weeks ago. I really love your music. it's more than your voice... listen to your original version of Hope... it's voice, but the attack on the strings of the guitar... it's ballsy in every way.

Your music has a melodic quality that might stand in nice tension to some raunch... not grunge, less self focused than grunge, but raw and real and powerful.

Stop by a Harley shop and get one of the guys to crank up a FatBoy with straight pipes... now do that musically.

Whatdaya think of Petty? Petty's influence is Roger MgGuin.

Don't lose your incredible authenticity, whatever you do.

Anonymous said...

that baby is sooo cute!!! coming home to hug him soon!! (and with many stories to tell) Auntie D.