Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So, I guess this is it....

Which are you - the kind of person who changes around the furniture frequently, or the kind who leaves it the same for years and years? I am frequent-furniture-changer type. And in the age of computers, the same principle crosses over. My desktop wallpaper doesn't last for more than two weeks, and same with the audio schemes. For a while I had a clip of Bono, from the end of one of his concerts, that would play whenever windows shut down. He would say, "Goodnight, and f*** off!" Well, it was entertaining to me, at least until my mother-in-law heard it as she shut down my computer one night. Her subsequent re-evaluations of her daughter's judgement in finding a good man was something I could have done without.

Why do I babble on so? Because I can't bring myself to face the cold hard truth. It is the end of the line for Herban Sprawl. Anyone watching will have noticed he was on his last legs anyway, and would have seen it coming. But it is time for another re-arrangement of the furniture.

Part of the trouble I have with blogging consistently is that I don't know what my focus is, and I don't really know who my audience is. Who am I writing to? What am I writing about? How well do those two fit together?

Don't worry, I know you were getting worried there. I have the solution. A seed don't fall to the ground without a plant growing up from it. When Old Yeller dies, there's always gonna be some puppies. When the earth is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, there wil always be some randy New Zealanders to get things going again. Anyway, you get the idea.

So yeah, Herban Sprawl is getting born again, reincarnated if you prefer. And he is coming back as twins:

From here on in, if you want to read about what is going on musically with Diana and I as we gig our way around Nagoya and the internet with our new band, go to this page.

If you actually care to know what I am thinking about in regards to the books I read and the theological storms that brew up in there, go to this page.

See you there!

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Paul Fromont said...

"randy New Zealanders" [winking] - we're not lot that. I hear what you're saying buddy...will be following along on your second of two choices and continuing to listen to your CD. Grace amigo. I hope you, Andrea and the family are all well.