Saturday, April 03, 2004

Great article from Tom Sine that makes me think there is no need to pioneer something new - just join in on what God is already up to... but how...

This small mission group bought a quarter-acre lot in inner-city Oakland and refurbished the two older dwellings that were on it. They then constructed seven new units for the 22 people in their group. Everything was designed to be environmentally friendly, with water-on-demand water heaters and photovoltaic collectors that provide 85 percent of their electricity. They have a play area and a mini-soccer field for the kids and a common room where they eat together a couple of times a week.

The new community has come to represent the shalom of God in their neighborhood. Rather than homeschool their kids or place them in private schools, they send them to the local public school where members of the community volunteer in order to redeem it for all the kids that go there. One of their nine units is a transition house for mothers coming off welfare. They organize neighborhood block parties and host art shows for the community. They even interview older residents so their stories can be shared with the neighborhood.

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