Monday, April 05, 2004

This I would love to go to. But I am far away:

Ours is an Age of Disconnect. Estrangement, loneliness, and injustice are in epidemic proportions. In response, many emerging intentional communities are taking the plunge, daring to show that another way of relating exists. What might this other way be? Are there practical ways of sharing life with others that can change us as well as our world?

A Call to Community will be a weekend of seeking what it means and what it takes to build communities that counter the flood waters of fragmentation in our world today. Here is a chance to swap ideas, encourage each other, brainstorm solutions, and form new and lasting relationships.

We will do more than talk. We’ll cook meals and wash dishes together, take part in workshops, sing and work together in nature, share our creativity, all with one aim: to envision how it might be possible to forge a life together in a world that tears people apart. How can the radical example of Jesus and his teachings in the Sermon on the Mount lead the way? What does it really mean to seek first God’s justice on this earth? Are we ready to sacrifice our lives and lifestyles for it? If so, how? What is keeping us from each other and from showing a different way?

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