Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year from Japan

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They are ringing the bells and eating mochi. It is 2005 in Japan. I made my way down to the temple actually for the first time in three new years' that I have been here. But that was just for a short walk. Other than that, we spent the evening enjoying the other Japanese New Year's Eve tradition, that of watching grown men beat each other bloody in a fiesta of broken bones or noses. I suppose if I think long enough, I could come up with some sort of spiritual significance to that, but right at the moment, I got nothing. At any rate, Emelianenko the Russian won, and tonight that is all I need to go to bed happy.


Paul Fromont said...

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Janzen household too. I hopre the fight was a good one :-)

JJ said...

Man, you wouldn't believe. i hope you get it down there eventually. The best one was one of your guys, mark hunt, knocking Wanderlei Silva on his ass. First time ever. Very good to see...