Sunday, January 09, 2005


Wow. 7:02 We have got disasters on the brain and now this. I just experienced the biggest earthquake of my three and a half years in Japan. i sat there as my whole living room jumped and the cabinets popped open. Better start checking the news. I can guess this was probably a lot bigger somewhere else...

oh and by the way, from the a few posts back, both friends of mine who were in Thailand are just fine. One was stuck in Bangkok with an ironically lucky sickness, and the other managed to get up the mountain and out of harms way. Another guy who works at the same juku as me was in a boat getting ready to scuba dive. They said if he had been in the water he would have been gone, but being in the boat they just rode a really big wave. Apparently, it was safer being out at sea than on the shoreline.

Update: It was only a four. Wow. I wonder if I will be around if a five or a six ever hits.


Jim Uttley said...

Hey, JJ, you must have just gotten rocked a short while ago. Checked news reports this morning but there was no mention of Japan quake. What's happening?

Seems like as far as weather goes, things are really shaking up. The earth is groaning! Waiting for her rebirth as New Earth along with a New Heaven.

Good to hear that you're OK and enjoying taking care of baby. Say hi to Andrea! I've been subbing at Cheryl's school off and on. Really enjoy my ministry to a little UN.

Take care and hang on tight! Shaky days ahead but don't forget we're stand on the Rock!

jen lemen said...

yikes. my only earthquake experience was in japan. do they still tell you to stand in the door frames??

Brian said...

I "lived through" a 6.1 earthquake on the East Coast back in the early 80s. I think how bad it feels to you has a lot to do with what kind of land formation you are living on to begin with. Earthquakes are rare in that part of the country and, although it shook everything around a bit and certainly woke me up, it wasn't what I would have called frightening.