Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Adventures in Japanese TV:

This one is a little hard to explain, but it was providing me with such entertainment, that I thought I had to try. There was a program on where a bunch of famous Japanese guys and some gorgeous beer promoter type girl were sitting around a swimming pool. I could understand it was a contest, but I couldn't quite get what for. So the first guy goes into a little supply room and gets a few seconds during which time he has to get naked and then find something creative to cover his ding dong with. The bell rings, and the door opens, and he has to come out and reveal his "creativity". For example, one guy used the "staff" tag that lifeguards hang around their necks, one guy used shaving cream, another used a life preserver etc.

Next contest with the same guys. Everybody has to swim one length of the pool buck naked. But here's the catch: they have to keep Mr. Dangle covered the whole time by doing the front crawl and always bringing one hand back to cover it up. I don't know who thinks of this, but to me it had the same effect as an early Jim Carrey movie - so dumb that laughter is unavoidable.

Then they had to strap on these really big hands and feet and try to "walk" across the pool. Also entertaining. I suppose more entertaining if you are familiar with the celebrities. Can you imagine celebrities back home even agreeing to do such stuff??

Anyway, the pictures are here.

Update: Ok, apparently they are not there yet, but they will be in the very near future, and they feature pseudo-nudity so how can you not check back?

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