Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Cool. I read a thought about church tonight that has me thinking ecclesiologically...

I think churches should have a regular cycle of birth, growth, and death. Individual local churches should die when it comes time. It is easier to transition the universal church through a cycle of renewal than it is to upgrade existing institutions. The cycle of death and birth can rid faith communities of excess baggage that can really hinder a congregation.

By planting a church we become part of that renewal process. One day what ever we structure we create should die.

How natural that a church, if it is "organic" be bold enough to face death as part of the cycle. I think many of us have encountered churches that are functionally "dead" though maybe a building and a religious committment to the traditions of "what has been done previously" keep a few folks hanging on.

Also, a church dying gracefully would be an awesome demonstration of trusting the spirit of God to continue birthing new things, trusting that Christ "will build his church", as he put it.

And it would demonstrate a belief that the "Church" is essentially something greater than the structures we build services around.

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