Tuesday, August 19, 2003

We did a gig last night at a tiny bar, and it was just an awesome time. About 40 people were there but that number packed the place out and made for a real party. Brian, remember gigs of six friends in an empty coffee house with a nasty host?? Well, so far we have only done two gigs, but what a difference. The previous one, Shooters, was a really big place, that was also packed out for the night. Very good time. I must say the shift in the gigging winds confirms my thoughts that Japan is the place to do music.

And we just spent a bunch of money on a Behringer power amp and two good speakers, so we are set to do some of the outdoor stuff that people do around here. And last night we got asked on for two more gigs, one, another bar-rock kind of gig (which are fun but I could see getting old fast because the mood and atmosphere doesn't really fit our music very well) and the other a gig in a classy jazz club (wherein we will do the more stripped back pop-leaning-to-jazz stuff that we prefer). I got that through a Japanese jazz singer friend (unbelievable voice). I think I am going to get her to sing the aforementioned Aimee Mann song for that gig.

And they pay us to do this!!!

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