Saturday, August 16, 2003

A few of us here are giving some serious thought to building a community-type house. My friend Matt proposed the idea in light of the fact that we feel similarly about living our lives out in closer quarters, and pooling our resources, and just basically accepting the challenges of community living to break down our selfishness and to teach us how to love better. Matt pointed out that the rent each family is paying amounts to a very large chunk of cash being thrown away every month, cash that might be better spent building a place that will be around for awhile. So it is definitely in the early dreaming stage, but we are taking initial steps in finding how we could go about doing such a thing.

Right now, the six-plex design proposed in Tom Sine's book, Mustard Seed vs. McWorld keeps coming up in conversation. The expense in Japan is remarkable. But if it is God's thing, we will find the road we need to take.

Have you guys back home done any more thinking or strategizing about the use of the big North End building for residential stuff?? The way things have gone in Joe's housing situation gives me faith that things can work out remarkably if we just start committing ourselves to the goal...

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