Sunday, August 03, 2003

i had a dream last night (that is Wednesday night/Thursday morning). there are few dreams in my life that i remember for years to come. this will be one of them. it was no less real than the real i know as real. i woke up early on in the dream to use the bathroom and go to the kitchen and resumed the dream upon my returned to sleep. most of it is fuzzy at this point, though i remember with substantial clarity the last few minutes in the dream.

in my dream i held one of my children and died with them. there was a moment where we realized we would die and i began praying as the device detonated and our city was eclipsed by the inhuman force of a nuclear explosion.


I have told some of you about the two dreams I had like that some years ago, about a month apart. In one, I was in a prison (Russian, I think) and I had just had the crap beaten out of me. It was so real that in the moment it made me think I should give up any thoughts of work in foreign lands. In the dream a month later, I was in the same prison and I got shot, dead, in the chest, and it actually hurt. I can't remember if I have ever felt pain in another dream,

Anyway, one of those dreams that makes you wake up and say, "what was that about?"

Anyone else ever dreamed of their own death?

Or how about some good jokes?

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