Saturday, August 02, 2003

Tonight I went and saw this guy and this guy at a music club in town. It was unbelievable musicianship: apparently this is all these guys do. The drummer has played with Santana, Madonna, Whitney Houston, etc, and the guitarist Miles Davis and a bunch of other jazz guys I was unfamiliar with. I went in kind of expecting to be unimpressed because I knew it was all instrumental, and usually I really get jazzed by that place where poetry meets music. I am not as into the pure musical expression part minus the words part. I know people are often saying, ooooh, the silence, so much meaning in what isn't said yada yada yada.... well, I sure like what is said, especially when it is said well.

That being said, I was impressed by just how emotional the music itself was. Some of the slow songs had me wondering that question I have pondered many times: what is it about a tune that can cause such an emotional response in a person? What is carried in a song? Just what are we reacting to; what is going there?

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