Saturday, August 09, 2003

Ok it's late. And I just had my medicine. Let's see how the gospel's look after a few shosts of dovka...

Concerning Luke 1:1-4.

Luke talks about the research he put into writing his version of the gospels. He wasn't there firsthand. For some, such talk might cause doubt in the authenticity and reliability of what Luke wrote down. But what about this: what if we viewed the Bible, authenticity-wise, on the same level as Plato's recording of the words of Socrates, just one man writing down what he heard. I am not sure we would lose a single thing that was intended for us. I mean even if the gospel writers messed up a few details, the plain message of Christ comes through with incredible clarity. The idea of learning to embrace Love; to learn to be selfless; to empty ourselves of the things we greedily strive for and instead serve others is the easiest thing see from Christ; but it is the hardest thing we will never do.

Most times I think the evangelical ruse of inerrancy is just a clever way to de-emphasize the very plain message of Christ by elevating other parts of scripture. Most of the denomination-forming fights over the details of scripture are not the kind of thing that make much difference when it comes to selflessness and Love. Yeah, so maybe seminaries are evil too. Maybe anything that makes us rabbit-trail away from the basics of discipleship - learning to be more Loving and less selfish - are to be avoided. I mean if the least are the ones who get it so well, and the higher-ups are the ones who are far from the kingdom, we should take some hints from that.

Tarbender, pur me another...

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